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Hey! This is Mandy. I started my radio career at 104-7 The Bear (if you don't count college radio). Then I ended up on KISS-FM in the fall of 2003. I was still going to college at the time, so I was a busy girl.  When I graduated from college in 2004, I moved to Vermont, where I worked at a radio station in Burlington for a little over two years. Then I moved back to Maine!  

I have to be honest, Maine is really where I want to be. I tried the whole go-out-into-the-world thing, and it really wasn't for me. Everything I love is in Maine. All my friends, all my family, and all the nice, Maine people. I enjoy reading, swimming, hanging out with my sister and her kids, and my other sister and her kids, and my friends and their kids.

Did I mention how much I love kids?  : )   I used to say that I want to have six children.  After seeing how much work it is, I've dropped that number down to three.  We'll see how that goes. 

In addition to reading and swimming and spending time with friends and family, I really enjoy road trips (along with a great music selection), watching and critiquing films, making music videos, hiking, canoeing, and hanging out with my dad.  He's the coolest.  Most of my friends ask me if they can have him be their dad, too. He doesn't mind that I share him. When I was still in high school, he used to rescue me and my friends whenever their cars broke down. One friend in particular (Jessie) used to leave her lights on, and he'd have to come give us a jump, like every other day. She paid him back though. When she was like, 22, she ended up with a Moose Permit, and she ACTUALLY got a moose! So she gave my dad some of her moose-meat, which he TOTALLY appreciated. Jessie's the coolest, too.

I love Maine.

I'm so happy to be on KISS-FM

Thanks for listening and showing interest!  You can write to me if you want.  I'll probably even write back, too.

Have a fantastic day!



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